Our award-winning e-commerce specialists partner with motivated brands to accelerate the growth of their D2C websites. We focus on customer experience from both a retailer and customer perspective, by optimising your data and operations, whilst always fostering relationships with your customers. 

Our approach to e-commerce and D2C

Every customer is unique, and retailers are no different. We don’t simply plug you in to a one fits all solution like other agencies. That is because we are not just an agency; we see ourselves as a partner and an extension of your organisation. We embed ourselves in your company which gives us the best knowledge of your business and we tailor our resource the same way we would if it was our own business to maximise performance.  

What is included in our services?

  • Review current e-commerce trading 
  • Upskill your internal teams and in housing 
  • Update your technology 
  • Full account management 
  • Strategy and execution 
  • ECRM 
  • Competitor and market analysis 
  • Marketplace optimisation 
  • Website development 
  • KPI focused data analysis 
We take a retailer first view on every project and campaign.

How do we support other channels?

We don’t work like a traditional agency, we take a retailer first view on every project and campaign. When analysing the performance, we take into consideration every element that impacts success.  

It provides a home for all other products to operate in a full product mix, just as an in-house retailer would operate. D2C is the umbrella product providing a vessel where all Summit products connect together to provide the best output. 

What makes our service unique?

We are large enough to have a vast knowledge of how to successfully take any sized brand to market and step change performance. We are also small enough to inject the passion and care that you as the retailer has for the brand.  

We have a complete online retailing skill set and an a la carte menu of services, so that we can recommend the best option for you to achieve your goals.  We are value for money and are prepared to share the risk with bespoke commercial models.


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