Performance driven marketing starts with understanding the customer’s needs and behaviours. Then you need to make smart decisions and use the right tools to attract and engage them – ultimately leading to better customer experience and marketing ROI.

Whether you are a well-established retailer or a new-to-market brand, our experienced and dedicated teams work to understand your objectives and tailor the approach at each stage of the customer journey.  

We work with our retail partners, empowering them to maximise customer engagement and ROI. This means we focus on delivering prioritised and actionable recommendations that will impact the bottom-line.


Increase Brand Visibility

Ensuring your brand is visible to the customer throughout their journey is key.

Once we  have  established  your goals  and  objectives, we take a customer–centric approach, to identify and understand where your customers are engaging and what their needs are.

Matching your target audience to the right ad placements and keywords, we maximise reach across a range of addressable media, getting you in front of the right customers at the right time to increase your visibility. Addressable, because if we cannot measure it, we will not buy it.

As well as our best in class execution, we also have robust measurement frameworks in place to ensure value is always driven for our retail partners, whilst providing full transparency and protecting brand safety.


Drive Customer Engagement

Serving the right content at the right time keeps the brand at the forefront and drives the customer to act.

We know that solely buying the right ad placements or using the most relevant keywords is not enough to engage customers; there is a much bigger, multi-channel demand. And by focusing on the right channel at the right time, we ensure we are engaging with the customer throughout their buying journey. From initial awareness through to final conversion, we focus on increasing our reach and visibility by delivering relevant messages to the right audience at the right time.

We know the importance of an integrated and holistic approach across channels, so your dedicated team will use the best of Summit to drive measurable value and show you why our partners stay with us for twice as long as the industry average.


Maximise Marketing ROI

Driving the best return on investment to ensure every pound we spend brings more revenue for you.

We spend your money as if it were our own, taking care to only invest our time and your budget on marketing when we believe it will return a profit. Our transparent approach and clear reporting ensure that you see the value and impact of your investment.

Our proprietary, channel-agnostic technology will optimise your budgets across channel and platform, making sure each customer gets the right timing and frequency of message to ensure maximum return from every £1 you spend.

We know that digital marketing does not exist in isolation; it is part of a far more complex omni-channel strategy and this is why we take time to understand how your business works. Utilising our team of e-commerce and customer experience specialists, we can advise and deliver on a range of services that will help optimise across the journey, ensuring engagement leads to conversion.

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