About Us

Our mission is to make the complex simple and transparent; with our people, technology and experience we empower our retail partners to maximise customer engagement and ROI.

Founded by Hedley and Marion Aylott in 2000, the same year Google launched their first paid ad, Summit’s ambition focused on providing businesses with digital marketing services, supported by a pioneering rehabilitation scheme for prisoners that would lead to employment upon release.

In the following decades Summit has grown, working internationally and partnering with some of the biggest brands in the retail sector.

The world of digital marketing is full of complexity with different providers, algorithms & commercial models, but we focus on making the complex simple and transparent, recommending the best approach to achieve our client’s objectives.

Whether it is optimising your marketing performance, creating engaging e-commerce experiences or better understanding your customer’s needs, your dedicated team of Changemakers will welcome you into the extended Summit family and spend every penny of your budget like it is their own.

What sets us apart

For 20 years we have worked with some of Europe’s most successful retailers and brands, helping them transform their online business, maximise customer engagement and make more money from retailing online.

Bringing our mission to life

Our guiding values

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