With over 20  years’ experience  in paid  search, we have been there since the beginning. We are ROI driven, spending every penny of our client’s money as though it is our own, and customer focused, ensuring they are at the centre of everything we do. We work as one team with our clients, aiming to maximise sales and revenue through our experience, channel specialists and proprietary technology.

Our approach to paid search

At Summit, our approach to paid search & shopping is aligned to our approach to performance marketing overall; the customer is at the centre of everything we do. We understand the consumer, enabling us to drive the best performance for our clients. We take an audience centric approach to ensure each penny spent is the most targeted it can becoupling this with best in class optimisation to maximise our clients KPIs.

At Summit, we know how to spot an opportunity, and pride ourselves on identifying and capitalising on any opportunity for our clients. 

What is included in our services?

  • Account management across Google and Bing 
  • Best practice implementation 
  • Strategy development 
  • Third party collaboration 
  • Best in class optimisation  
  • Proprietary technology combined with retail specialist knowledge 
  • Opportunity sizing 
  • Channel auditing 
  • Budget setting and channel allocation 
  • Marketing effectiveness insights 
  • Customer segmentation and behavioural insights 
  • Tracking and measurement 
  • International expansion and new customer acquisition 
  • Online to offline support 
We are not just a marketing services provider; we are an extension of our client’s business.

How do we support other channels?

Whether it is complete channel management or a lighter touch strategy overview, our holistic approach to performance marketing and its wider role in all channels ensures that the strategies we implement are not solely focused on paid search. Today’s consumer uses multiple touchpoints throughout the purchase cycle, so we are sure to integrate paid search with the wider marketing channels within our client’s business. By sharing these audience touchpoints within paid search we can help to convert those users that have been engaged across other performance marketing channels. 

What makes our service unique?

At Summit, we think of ourselves not just as a provider of marketing services, but as an extension of our client’s business; working towards their business goals and spending every penny as if it is our own. We specialise in retail and retail is at the centre of our focus and drive.  


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