As retailer’s footprints are expanding across devices and channels and the competitor landscape is saturated, delivering a good customer experience is more challenging than ever. This complexity means that providing a holistic and consistent view of how your customers perceive and interact with your brand can seem an impossible challenge for brands and retailers. 

Our approach to customer experience?

Our approach to navigating the CX landscape for our retail partners starts with identifying their customer’s missions, needs, behaviours, touchpoints and pain points, to create a full picture of the customer journey. Through overlaying our retail knowledge, experience, and technology, we bring these insights to life through designed and actionable recommendations.  

What is included in our services?

  • Qualitative customer research – Identifying core themes and drivers through focus groups, ethnographic studies, and in-depth interviews 
  • Quantitative customer research – Validating and expanding on the qualitative findings through targeted surveys   
  • Value modelling – Understanding the size of the prize through mapping engaged touchpoints to CRM basket data  
  • Customer journey design – Visualising the customer journey over time, bringing to life the many layers and components involved  
  • Facilitated activation workshops – Ensuring consumer insights are adopted across your business and lead to prioritised action plans 
With our core in performance marketing, we know the importance of a connected customer journey.

How do we support other channels?

Having run performance marketing across all channels for Europe’s leading retailers, we’ve realised the importance of having a connected journey where every touchpoint, channel and asset work together to support the journey. Understanding the customer and designing the ideal experience provides a blueprint for marketers to design and test activities around. 

At Summitour core offering is focused on performance marketing, however by understanding the importance of customer experience, we are able to put the customer at the centre of what we do and provide a holistic service for our clients that drives better marketing ROI and customer engagement.  

What makes our service unique?

As retail practitioners ourselvesour mantra is to only buy or recommend what is measurable and proven. We know the importance of receiving customer insight in a prioritised and actionable format, to prevent it becoming another piece of research that just dies in a drawer.

To achieve this holistic customer view, our services link up the experts in our business, from our retail consultants, performance marketing specialists and data scientists through to our UX and design teams.  


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