How to succeed in Christmas marketing on multiple devices

By Georgia Chisem | Friday 6th December 2013

Devices at Christmas

Google statistics show that 90% of users move between devices to accomplish an online goal, and since tablet and mobile have rocketed in popularity over the past two years, marketing around these devices is vital.

OFCOM’s July2013 report (Market Communications Report July 2013) shows that 50% of adults and 29% of 5 to 15-year-olds own a smartphone, while nearly 24% of households own a tablet computer.

It’s now clear that, faced with these statistics, retailers have no choice but to turn on to these new channels and start providing consumers with tailored shopping experiences.

Summit’s Retail Buzz Peak Season Device Advice

Georgia Chisem, Summit’s PPC Training Manager, sets out three tips, each with detailed actions, that retailers should explore to meet this new multi-screen challenge.

  • Make your website adaptable to all device
  • Align marketing strategy and customer behaviour
  • Incentivise shoppers to login to your site to track and help optimise by device

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