Essential Retargeting Techniques for Peak Season Retailers

By Summit | Friday 22nd November 2013

Peak Season Retargeting

In the peak season run up to Christmas, retargeting is an indispensable technique for retailers.

Retargeted customers spend close 50% more than average customers during peak.

And retailers see an overall conversion increase of approximately 21% during peak days like ‘cyber Monday’.

So, stay with our online marketing advice for retailers in this latest episode in Summit’s Retail Buzz Peak season of videos.

Retargeting Principles

Retargeting essentially means re-marketing or re-engaging with an existing customer or someone that has already shopped with you. See this article from Search Engine Land for more in-depth explanation.

It’s a niche, but effective and productive technique of reaching out to shoppers that have already seen your business and have an idea who you are and what you sell.

In digital terms, this means displaying some form of advertising, often a banner, in ad spaces on pages the online shopper may browse through.

This is all about reminding an existing customer of their experience with your business in a way that prompts them to return to your shop.

Summit’s Essential Peak Retargeting Tips

  • Optimise your ad copy, graphics and call to actions according to direct response best practice
  • Drill down into audience segmentation – don’t waste money retargeting customers with the same product type they’ve just purchased
  • Create long tail campaigns, by using a database built up over peak to cross/up sell after Christmas and into January sales period
  • Retarget abandoned baskets with personalised reminders and delivery deals
  • Re-engage old customers who have previously purchased with special offers/ products of interest
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