Building a customer base from the floor up

Online searches have grown exponentially in the carpet and flooring sector. This was revealed by research carried out by ourselves on behalf of Europe’s biggest flooring retailer, Carpetright.

With 460 stores in the UK they had relied heavily upon traditional marketing methods – until 2008, when they recognised the growing relevance and the potential of online techniques.

They turned to us to create an eCommerce channel which would transform their business. The results have been dramatic, far outstripping their expectations, already breaking £1 million a week in 2015.

By harnessing the high volume of online traffic, they have identified those customers with a genuine desire to buy, and converted this intention into hard sales.

The engine at the heart of this revolution has been the Carpetright website and our marketing technology Forecaster.

The groundwork

First, we set ourselves some ambitious objectives: to measure the relationship between online activity and offline sales, in order to better understand the customer journey; to gauge how much digital advertising affects in-store purchasing; and to capitalise on the burgeoning importance of mobile devices. All with a view to driving sales and increasing revenue.

The solution

We created a series of ‘interaction points’ on Carpetright's transactional website. This allowed us to engage with each customer, tracking their progress from website to store.

These interaction points centred around three lead generation tools: a store locator, requests for free samples, and requests for floor measuring.

The store locator tool collects house number and postcode details, while the free sample and measuring requests require the customers’ contact details.

Armed with this information, we were able to match customer data collected online with sales data collected in-store. Result: a precise figure for the influence of online marketing across the business.

Our advanced tracking and matching engine provides Carpetright with an accurate view of the ROI of various digital marketing activities, including PPC advertising, display, Search Engine Optimisation and content marketing.

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Understanding the relationship between online advertising and offline sales is crucial to where you apply your marketing budget. Wilf Walsh, CEO Carpetright

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The Results

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If Carpetright was to harness the power of digital marketing, they needed a tracking system that could measure every pound spent online and its impact in stores. So that’s exactly what we built for them. Our CEO, Hedley Aylott

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Services used by Carpetright

Online Strategy

> Explore Online Strategy
  • Digital roadmap
  • Customer behavior insights
  • Relationship between online and offline media
  • Budget planning and forecasting


> Explore Ecommerce Technology
  • Ecommerce platform build and management
  • Hosting, maintenance, support and roadmap
  • Omni-channel integration with retail systems

Online Marketing

> Explore Online Marketing
  • Paid media – PPC, PLA, display
  • Owned media – SEO, content marketing, social outreach
  • Performance media – in-house affiliate platform and management
  • Attribution and data insights
  • Training


> Explore Trading
  • Promotion analysis
  • Site merchandising
  • Website analytics and usability testing
  • Training

Fulfillment and service

> Explore Logistics & Service
  • Sample request design and optimisation
  • Proposition advice
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