From the high street to the stratosphere

Back in 2007 when we first tested the potential of online marketing, Argos were mildly skeptical. After all, they were the nation’s biggest High Street retailer with 750 stores and business built on catalogues and traditional marketing.

Today, they are the UK’s largest high street retailer online, and second most visited retail website surpassed only by Amazon. Their rise in the digital sphere has been truly phenomenal generating over £2bn from online sales in the last financial year.

We have remained their close partners throughout this meteoric ascent, which is largely due to their courage and their determination never to rest on their laurels but boldly to embrace technical innovation as we have developed it.

For instance, while we have directed their use of paid media using PPC, PLA and display, they have also been quick to grasp the potential of insights from digital marketing in less-traditional areas such as finance, trading teams and supplier funding.

The transformation of a
household name

It’s fair to say that we have not only expanded their business, but helped transform it. And behind this accomplishment is the use of data insights to steer their marketing decisions, and of technology to build their scale and protect their competitive position.

We have led and supported Argos through what has been no less than a technological revolution, creating tracking systems that provide a complete view of the customer journey - recognising the growing importance of mobile platforms - putting together an in-house Search Marketing Team and training it to run our proprietary marketing intelligence platform Forecaster.

Result: The impact upon revenue has been frankly sensational, with terrific YOY growth for the last eight years across all channels, increased footfall in Argos stores and significant value added through supplier funding.

And if we may be permitted a brief moment of glory, our partnership with Argos has landed a clutch of awards: Retail Week, Dadi and the Digitals to name just a few.

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Forecaster’s had a great impact on our business. It’s allowed us to be even more competitive in a challenging market particularly when it’s come to understanding where to place our investments. Mark Steel, Head of Digital Operations, Argos

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The Results

Services used by Argos

Online Strategy

> Explore Online Strategy
  • Digital roadmap
  • Customer behavior insights
  • Relationship between online and offline media
  • Budget planning and forecasting

Online Marketing

> Explore Online Marketing
  • Paid media – PPC, PLA, display
  • Owned media – SEO strategy and optimization
  • Bespoke marketing technology stack
  • Product feed production, enrichment and management
  • Insights for offline media planning
  • Attribution modeling and data insights
  • Integration with CRM for single customer view
  • Training


> Explore Trading
  • Promotion analysis
  • Support for supplier funded campaigns
  • Seasonal insights and analysis

Fulfilment and service

> Explore Logistics & Service
  • Tracking for check and reserve in store
  • Real time stock management for local inventory adverts
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