Posted: Friday 27th August 2021 in Summit.

I was once in your position. After leaving college I stressed over what my next steps should be: should I go straight into work, go to university or do an apprenticeship? After researching each option, I came to the decision that an apprenticeship was right for me, and now that I’ve been an apprentice for over 8 months, I can definitely say that I made the right choice. 

To save you some time, and hopefully help you with your future planning, here are 5 reasons why I would recommend an apprenticeship. 

Gain experience that employers actually want 

An apprenticeship is a form of education that allows you to learn from experts in the industry, whilst putting those learnings into good use with a practical, real-world job. This ensures that all the knowledge and skills you gain are relevant to that industry and role, making you better suited for a career in that space. Working life is also very different to being a student, so it gives you experience in an office or work environment that you wouldn’t usually have straight after education. 

A great first step into your dream job 

Getting into your dream industry isn’t always an easy task. There are often a lot of different requirements needed for roles and if you don’t offer some of these, it can block your way into that dream job… “You need knowledge of this or that.” “You need this degree.” “You need X years’ experience in this role.”. We’ve heard them all before, and as a young adult, we’re not in the position to fulfill all these demands. An apprenticeship is a great way to get your foot in the door to gain some valuable work experience so that in future you are prepared for these roles. 

Experience all areas of the industry 

One of my favourite parts of being an apprentice, especially at Summit, is that I get to work across a myriad of Performance Marketing channels. Rather than focus on one part of Performance Marketing, I am able to discover which area I enjoy and is right for me- which is important when you’re new to the industry as it gives you a clearer idea of what role you’d like after the apprenticeship. This variety also ensures that my working week is never boring, and I am always learning! 

Enjoy all the company benefits 

This isn’t exclusive to an apprenticeship; however, it is a huge positive. Being an apprentice gives you access to all the company benefits you would usually get in a full-time job role. At Summit for example, I was instantly given access to my “Experience for life”, which is a scheme here at Summit to fund a unique experience. All company benefits will be different but it is a good opportunity to see what companies offer. 

You earn whilst you learn- plus no student debt 

University is often the go-to step to further your education after college, however the student life does come with the negative of student debt. A cheaper alternative is to take up an apprenticeship, where not only do you not pile up debt, you can actually earn money whilst learning; see the minimum wages below: 

Age & Apprenticeship Stage Apprenticeship Wage (per hour) 
Aged under 18 £4.62 
Aged over 18 (but still on the first year of your apprenticeship) £4.62 
Aged 18-20 £6.56 
Aged 21-24 £8.36 
Aged 25+ £8.91 

*These figures are the minimum and will vary dependent on your industry and apprenticeship level. 

I hope this has given you some helpful information on the practical reasons for choosing an apprenticeship. If you are looking for an apprentice role at the minute, Summit are hiring- so take a look at the role here and apply today. If you have any questions, drop an email to [email protected]