Winning With Google

12 June 2023

On the 20th January 2022, we were excited to host our first webinar of the New Year: ‘Winning With Google’. And what a success it was!

Winning With Google aimed to highlight the importance of a strong partnership between agency and Google and how this, alongside Summit’s expertise, can help you achieve you the best results across the Google eco-system.

We are Changemakers in Retail. We are Changemakers in Performance Marketing. And we are Changemakers with Google (a Google Premium Partner in fact!). The reality of performance marketing is that Google are the predominant force within that, so as a business we have to be Changemakers with Google to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Watch our webinar highlights to see why Winning With Google is so important to us… and if you would like help to make the most of the Google eco-system, please get in touch on

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