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It’s December 2022 and I think we’re all happily getting on with our lives without thinking too much about the events of 2020. Covid-19 had a catastrophic impact on millions of lives, and we know we will feel the financial ripple effect for many years to come, but is it possible that a wave of positive change also came upon us as a result? We are of course talking about remote and hybrid working.

Before the pandemic, working from home was viewed as a luxury for many employees and was very rarely a thing that happened. The norm would be having to trudge into the office come rain, hail or snow and stay the full 8 hours or so before the sweet release of 5pm hit.

Fast forward to March 2020 and we were told we must stay home to save lives – work from home if you can. And, to echo the sentiment of Bob the Builder, ‘yes we can!’ many people cried. And so started the remote working revolution.

Working at Home VS Office Working

Here at Summit, this way of working has continued, and it works very well for us. We ask our Summiteers to come into the office 2 days a week as we know the importance of the social aspect of work. We have fabulous offices ideally located near lots of great bars, restaurants, scenic spots, and tourist attractions – so it’s also great for an after-work drink or lunchtime stroll. And we don’t know about you, but we believe it’s also nice to have a change of scenery, you don’t want your home to feel like your place of work!

As well as employing industry experts, we have a dedication to nurturing talent fresh from university or college which means that many of our new starters during the pandemic had never had an office job before and home working was all they knew from their working life. But for those of us who have been working for many years and become accustomed to the regular 9 – 5 in the office, working from home took a little adapting.


The kitchen could do with tidying.

There’s washing to be done.

Look at the state of the carpet, that needs a vacuum.

The dog looks sad, he needs at least 20 minutes of cuddles and attention.

The fridge is RIGHT. THERE.

Oh yes! For the pre-pandemic office-goers, home working wasn’t that easy to adjust to. In the office, there are no distractions. At home, there are, that’s the truth. So, it took a bit of getting used to at first. But did we see a drop in productivity? No, we certainly didn’t.

As a flexible employer, we understand that people are going to get deliveries, perhaps have the boiler engineer out, do the dishwasher, or pick the kids up from school. Life happens and working from home makes life so much easier to manage. Our staff work hard, and the results speak for themselves. We have very happy clients and great results to show off, that is what matters most to us. But how can you make working from home work for you?

What Are the Benefits of Working From Home?

Well, there are the obvious benefits such as saving on fuel and cutting out travel time so you get longer in bed or can take the dog for a walk before starting the working day, but there are so many other benefits to hybrid working. 

We wanted to get an idea from the team on this, so we asked a few of them, and here’s what they had to say.

Our Head of Affiliates, Immy, tells us

Working from home gave me a great opportunity to see my new baby daughter more, going down to lunch knowing I could see her was something that meant a lot to me. One of the days I was working from home I had back-to-back meetings with a small gap to get a coffee and while I was there, I got to see the first time my little one walked. I would never have seen this if I had to go to the office. So, I love being able to do the job I love and see the people I love more.’

Head of Paid Media, Carl Hutchinson, says

‘Hybrid working has been a godsend. It allows me and my partner to manage the school run but more importantly, it’s the flexibility. In the run-up to Christmas, there have been a lot of carol services and nativities at the school, and I have been able to attend them all for the first time. Being able to manage my workload in a time that works for me has improved my own well-being. Being able to switch off when needed and work when the time is right for me has been fantastic.’

This sentiment is echoed by Affiliate Manager, Steffen, who can spend more time with his cat Arnold (Steffen tells us he is a demanding little so and so), be home for deliveries and get to the gym before it gets too busy. Steffen says he finds he has a better work/life balance due to hybrid working.

Content Manager, Sarah Paton, appreciates the flexibility she has in terms of being there to take her daughter to and from school without the stress of having to rush to the office every day.

‘I can drop my daughter off and then make it home in time for a cuppa and a bite to eat all before 9am – I wouldn’t be able to do that if I was required in an office 5 days a week. I love going into the office a couple of days a week to see my workmates face to face and have a change of scenery. I plan my office days around the days my little girl is with her dad, and it works great for me. Flexible and hybrid working goes a long way to keeping us all so happy in our working lives. It also shows the company trust us to do our jobs and do them well, whether we are at home or in the office. We are very lucky to have such flexibility with lovely offices to go to as well, it really is the best of both worlds!’

How to Master Working From Home

We recommend you have a dedicated office. Now, this doesn’t have to be a fully kitted-out office space, we don’t all live in mansions after all. But the space you choose should be calm, airy and have natural light. You should have enough space to move around and enough desk space to comfortably use your keyboard & mouse, write notes and of course, the most important thing – place your tea or coffee.

Something we always tell our new starters is to ensure appropriate backgrounds for client calls or to use the blur background function on the camera. If the pandemic taught us anything it was how not to do video calls (a personal favourite will always be the BBC interview where the kids walk in followed – at lightning speed – by their mother who drags them out in the most chaotic way imaginable).

And of course, just because you’re working at home doesn’t mean not changing out of your PJ’s all day! We encourage our team to get up and follow a similar routine to the one they would if coming into the office. A nice shower to wake them up, teeth brushed, appropriately dressed for any client calls and a good breakfast to start the day. It just sets you up and mentally prepares you for a day of work.

If you love the sound of hybrid and flexible working, follow our page. We are always on the lookout for talented marketers but more to the point, good people, to bring on board the Summit bus. Our benefits are great, and our people are better, so why not join us?