What does our NPS score say about us?

12 June 2023

At Summit we pride ourselves on our strong client relationships. We truly believe we work as an extension of our clients, spending the budgets as though they were our own, in order to drive the greatest returns. Our mission is simple, we will make it more likely that customers buy from our clients than anyone else. However, it’s all well and good claiming this, but how do we actually measure how happy our clients are? At Summit, we proactively ask our clients for feedback, carrying out bi-annual client surveys which provide us with both qualitative and quantitative feedback, which we measure over time to improve our client services. 

We’re delighted to share our latest client survey results and Net Promotor Score (NPS), however before we reveal the anticipated results, let’s understand a little bit more about NPS and why it’s an important measure. 

What is NPS? 

Net Promotor Score simply put, is a measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction. It is measured by asking customers how likely they are to recommend your product or service to others, on a scale of 0 – 10. A wide range of businesses use NPS score and what can be better for growing your business than enthusiastic, engaged customers who actively promote your business to others. 

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Why is NPS important? 

Being performance data led, NPS is a big tick in the box for being a simple and easy way to compare and track our performance for our clients. However, it’s much more than a snapshot in time, it can also be used to predict business growth. By analysing the NPS it can help you understand if you have healthy relationships with customers and therefore whether you are likely to retain these and just as importantly, whether they are likely to act as brand ambassadors, supporting your future growth. 

What do the NPS scores mean? 

So, scores on the doors – what is a good NPS and what is a bad one? The NPS is worked out by categorising customers into three groups: promoters, detractors, and passives, based on how they answered the question. The NPS ranges from –100 to +100 range, therefore any score above 0 reads ‘good’ because there are more customers promoting than detracting. 

How did we score on NPS? 

So, the all-important question, how did Summit score on NPS in our most recent survey? Drum roll please… 

We scored an amazing 47, which means we sit firmly in the Great category, alongside renowned brands such as Apple and Microsoft!

We are so proud of the feedback we received and of all our teams who work so hard for our clients. Alongside the NPS, we also asked for quantitative feedback throughout and you can see below some of the great words our clients had to say about us: 

Lovely team, great to work with!! 

I enjoy working with the Summit team, they are hardworking and reliable. 

I think you are a great team of individuals; we are a niche area with many hurdles to overcome and I enjoy your positive attitude to problem solving.  

Extremely impressed with the service levels and performance. Looking forward to seeing how far we can go! 

So, what next? 

After analysing our results and a couple of celebratory high fives, it’s time to continue our hard work. We have gathered valuable quantitative feedback and are actively making changes within Summit to address these. We continue to focus on delighting our clients and working closely with them across their digital marketing activities, ensuring their feedback is taken on board and either actioned or propelled further to make our relationship more successful.  

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