Webinar: Winning the Retail Battle in H2

Join us for our latest must-attend webinar for marketers who want to drive profit in H2

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  • the latest retail research insights from Paul Martin, Global Retail Lead and UK Head of Retail at KPMG
  • practical performance marketing strategies and tactics from retail experts Summit
  • H2 from a retailer perspective with insight from Rob Bennett, Head of Customer Insight and Planning at high street brand Joules.

We’re going to be focusing on performance marketing strategies that you can implement today to make the most profit and ROI possible during the essential Summer, Back to School, and Peak seasons.


Tuesday 13 June 11am – 12 noon

11-11.05 Introduction – Ryan Thomas (Owner and Chairman, Summit)
11.05-11.20 Retail’s delicate balance – Paul Martin, Global Retail Lead & Head of UK Retail, KPMG
11.20-11.25 H2 as a brand – introducing our second speaker, Rob Bennett (Head of Customer Insight and Planning, Joules)
11.25-11.55 Panel Q&A discussion – Paul Martin, Rob Bennett, Carl Hutchinson, (Head of Paid Media, Summit), Immy Hussain (Head of Affiliate, Summit)
11.55-12.00 Thank you and sign off


For retailers, the next six months are crucial. Spending is at its highest during the summer holiday season, back to school shopping, and peak of Black Friday and Christmas. Not making the most of these times could spell disaster.

Retail performance marketing experts Summit have brought together the wealth of knowledge and experience from business research leaders KPMG and successful brand owners to bring you the latest insights and trends for H2 in retail.

In today’s uncertain economic climate, it is getting more difficult for retail marketer to anticipate the behaviours and trends of consumer spending. This webinar will focus on both research insight and practical advice on how you can create a winning performance marketing strategy to win the retail battle in 2023.

Our speakers

Paul Martin, Global Retail Lead and UK Head of Retail, KPMG

Rob Bennett, Head of Customer Insight and Planning, Joules

Ryan Thomas, Owner and Chairman, Summit & Productcaster

Carl Hutchinson, Head of Paid Media, Summit

Immy Hussain, Head of Affiliates, Summit