Without These 3 Tips Your Mobile Search Strategy Will Fail

By | Tuesday 29th April 2014

Mobile Search Strategy

Retailers need to focus on their mobile search strategy because mobile devices and their use for shopping means is experiencing massive growth.

Think about your website for a moment. How is it set up for mobile visitors?

If you don’t have a mobile optimised site and you’re opted-in to mobile bidding then you’re paying for ineffectual traffic with every click. That’s money down the drain.

But if you DO have a responsive site then it will be accessible to tablets, which have higher conversion rates than mobile.

And don’t forget, smartphone visitors are much less likely to converting via their phones, but they’ll often use it to research, then purchase via desktop or tablet.

Top 3 Tips to Get the Most from Mobile

With all that in mind, here are the three tips you should implement in order to ensure your mobile strategy has a secure future.

Tip 1: Make sure you opt in to mobile bidding

Pick your best performing campaigns and opt them in to mobile bidding by assigning them a starting bid adjustment. You’ll tap into thousands of mobile auctions you were previously exempt from.

Tip 2: Develop a mobile-specific search strategy

Learn from your data, try going granular with ad group bid adjustments rather than campaign, and consider different KPIs for mobile.

Tip 3: Customise your ads for mobile

Use mobile-preferred ads to encourage people to use the store locator and find out if there’s a store near their location. Also, combine mobile ads with location targeting.