What’s So Great About Amazon?

By Summit | Friday 11th April 2014

Amazon! Awesome?

Amazon is probably the most successful online retailer in the world.

We’ve all heard of it, most of us have used it and many of us swear by it.

But here’s a question: What’s so great about Amazon?

In Britain, online shoppers visit amazon.co.uk more than 2.8million times each day.

And when we go to the High Street with our video camera to conduct street surveys, Amazon is consistently mentioned among the most popular internet retailers.

With so many people talking about it, visiting it and buying things from it, it makes sense to put that question to the shoppers themselves. Why do they think Amazon is so great?

Everyone who stopped to participate wanted to tell their stories about their experience with Amazon.

They all smiled and spoke positively – most of them mentioning the same factors.

If you’re a retailer then you should pay attention what they said. But you shouldn’t be surprised – we know these are the critical experience factors.

This is what shoppers said was great about Amazon.

* Best prices
* Biggest product range
* Flexible delivery options
* Trackability
* Speedy delivery
* Trustability
* Easy returns policy
* Everything in one place
* Good customer service

What do you think is great about Amazon?

Leave your answer in the comment box below.