Using personality-driven insight for accurate consumer targeting (Part 3/3)

By Summit | Monday 24th June 2013

Here are real examples of how retailers could target groups of people according to their gender, education, outlook on life and much more.

It’s all based on insights derived from their use of Facebook – the planet’s most popular social network. In return for completing an in-depth questionnaire, users are rewarded with an insightful analysis of their own personality.

This is Part 3 of a presentation delivered by Michal Kosinski, Director
of Operations at Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre.

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Part 1: An introduction to the potential of personality-driven insights, psychological profiling and obtaining data from Facebook by offering personality profiles through online questionnaire.

Part 2: An explanation of how personality profiles of individuals and groups can be used by retailers to target customers with much greater accuracy.

Part 3: Michal expands on the different ways in which men, women and groups of individuals can be targeted by retailers according to powerful psychometric analysis.

This Q&A session was delivered during the 2013 eCommerce Futures Conference, held on Wednesday 12th June at the British Museum.

See below for a breakdown of the content of all three videos. We’ve also
highlighted the key sections of the presentation so you can jump to the
content you’re most interested in.

Presentation Highlights

00’22”: How to appeal to men and women
01’18”: Appeal to psychological traits
02’34”: Risks in psychometric targeting
06’30”: Job interviews and online profiles
08’48”: Data from 8 million Facebookers
09’50”: Are traits fluid or permanent
11’15”: This technology is used today
12’22”: Ethical considerations

Go to Part 1 & Part 2 for more valuable insights.

Michal Kosinski
Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre