Using personality-driven insight for accurate consumer targeting (Part 1/3)

By Summit | Monday 24th June 2013

Discover the powerful consumer insights that can be gained from using highly accurate personality profiles generated from Facebook data.

This is true ‘Consumerology’, and Michal Kosinski, Director of Operations at Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre, gives a compelling introduction to the subject of digital profiling using online personality tests.

His presentation is split into 3 parts:

Part 1: An introduction to the potential of personality-driven insights, psychological profiling and obtaining data from Facebook by offering personality profiles through online questionnaire.

Part 2: An explanation of how personality profiles of individuals and groups can be used by retailers to target customers with much greater accuracy.

Part 3: Michal expands on the different ways in which men, women and groups of individuals can be targeted by retailers according to powerful psychometric analysis.

This Q&A session was delivered during the 2013 eCommerce Futures Conference, held on Wednesday 12th June at the British Museum.

These three videos are packed with insight and so to make it easier for you to get to the content you’re interested in, and quickly, we’ve broken down the video into timings.

Presentation Highlights
00’21”: Introduction to Michal Kosinski
01’35”: Car salesmen psychology
04’10”: The digital footprint
06’35”: Creating psychometric profiles
08’41”: Using psychometrics for targeting
11’11”: Case study

Go to Part 2 & Part 3 for more valuable insights.