The future of online retail marketing

By Summit | Tuesday 9th July 2013

This is the future of online retail marketing.

Industry leaders deliver their thoughts and actionable insights on how retail will change in the near future…and some of it’s happening right now!

Your guide to the latest thinking in online retail marketing from leading industry figures:

1. Glimpse the near future retail trends and innovations that will shape how retailers sell and consumers buy in this presentation by Chris Sanderson and Martin Raymond, co-founders and Strategy and Insight Directors at The Future Laboratory.

2. Insight into how to connect with the next generation of consumers known as Millenials. Presentation by Snowy Hanbury, Cultural Strategist.

3. How to turn real life retail briefs into digital marketing campaigns – in just 20 minutes. This presentation by Marc Lewis, Dean of the School of Communication Arts, London, features more than 30 of his students.

4. How putting consumer insight at the centre of their online strategy helped Argos smash their 2012 online sales targets. Matt Roberts, Digital Marketing Controller, Argos, features in a Q&A with Ben Latham, Head of Digital Insight, Summit.

5. How Cambridge University utilised Facebook and psychometrics to create detailed profiles of consumers. This presentation is by Michal Kosinski, Operations Director, Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

There’s a huge amount of information available in these presentation. It’s cutting edge and represents the latest in thinking in the world of online retail marketing.

Filmed by Summit, online retail marketing specialist, co-sponsor of the 2013 Ecommerce Futures Conference.