Test Yourself: Name These Four Men’s Fashion Brands?

By Summit | Monday 7th April 2014

Branding: Men’s Fashion

Simply put, retail branding means the images people have in their mind when they think of a business or shop.

That’s what this week’s Summit Street Survey aims to do – find out what shoppers think when confronted by brand names.

But this week we’ve made a twist on our usual format of the street survey and we’ve created a brand quiz, instead.

We picked four men’s fashion brands (which we won’t mention here), printed them off onto cards and then presented them, one by one, to passers-by.

Our question was: “Describe what you think of when you see this retail name on each of these cards.”

The results? All five shoppers enjoyed the word association-type exercise. They often focused on price and quality, and attempted to position brands on a ‘quality’ spectrum.

Many comments were predictable and matched what we all generally think of as the retail brand, but some were more negative, represented a tired stereotype or couldn’t be identified at all.

So, watch the video and play the game: Can you guess the four men’s fashion brands using the shopper comments – and do it in less than 10 seconds before the answer appears?

And if you’re a retailer, think about your brand. When was the last time you asked your shoppers what they think of your brand?