Summit Street Survey 009: Do you watch TV ads and then follow up online?

By Summit | Monday 17th June 2013

TV commercials are just one of the touch points that must be allocated credit in an attribution model following a shopper’s retail journey to purchase. And so, in this week’s Summit Street Survey we asked shoppers if they had ever watched a TV ad and then followed up online.

Most people said no(!), but this survey presents those people who said yes. It’s interesting to link shoppers to a form of retail behaviour and then use that to ‘dive deeper’ into the shopping journey.

Most people had difficulty recalling whether they had responded in this way, they couldn’t remember TV ads themselves or sometimes they had a notion they had done it, but couldn’t remember the ad. Of course, several people reported the impulse to respond by making a mental note to logon after their TV programme ended, only to forget to do so by the end of the programme.

These surveys are always shot quickly, over a matter of hours, and so they are not at all representative, but they do give insight into behaviours.