Street Survey 016: Which retailer emails land in your inbox?

By Summit | Friday 16th August 2013

Email Marketing by Retailers

Retailers have for a long time been using email to contact and engage customers, but how effective is it?

According to fashion publisher Drapers’ latest Ecomm Index report, just 5% of customers who visit fashion websites arrive there via email.

Other ways in which customers arrive at these websites include social media, direct and search.

So, what do people think when they see an email from a retailer in their inbox?

Do they jump with glee because of the bond of the relationship or groan with dismay that more marketing junk is cluttering their inbox?

Summit Street Survey: Email Marketing

In this week’s Summit Street Survey we ask shoppers what retailer emails land in their inbox and how they respond.

Everyone we asked was aware of these types of emails, but some simply didn’t open them.

One even believed they might carry a virus and so filed them away as spam.

Names that were mentioned include Aldo, House of Fraser, TopShop, Monsoon, Oasis, Jane Norman, Asos, Jack Wills, River Island and All Saints.

What makes shoppers respond? Discounts. Several people mentioned that if they ‘70% off’ in the email subject line then they would definitely open.

But one person said he felt that ‘70% off’ may give the impression of an unrealistic sale, but that ‘40% off’ might be more realistic and encourage him to open.

What’s the insight from this Summit Street Survey? Consumers don’t mind infrequent emails if they offer discounts. They’re less likely to open emails in which the subject line reads ‘Latest styles…’. They want discounts.

Interviewing Well-Known YouTuber Casper Lee

Stopping and interviewing people for our Summit Street Surveys brings us into contact with some interesting characters – this week’s surprise shopper was South African YouTuber Casper Lee.

You can visit his YouTube channel Dicasp at and join his 1.2 million subscribers.

He’s a nice guy, but email marketing doesn’t work with him – he labels it spam. You’ll reach him by Twitter, instead!

Retailers Mentioned in this Video

House of Fraser
Jane Norman
Jack Wills
River Island
All Saints