Street Survey 015: Which retail brand and which social network?

By Summit | Thursday 8th August 2013

Social Networks & Brands

Which retail brands do you follow on social networks and why?

Retail, brands and social networks: that’s the top of this week’s Summit Street Survey.

Econsultancy recently published an article examining the world’s biggest brands and how they are followed on social networks.

Question: Which Retail Brand and Which Social Network

And so, here’s a subtle twist – which retail brands do shoppers visit on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and so on…and why?

The aim of the question was to drill right down to hear what shoppers actually do. And the results were very interesting.

Street Survey Results

Of the people who spoke – and bear in mind it’s mostly women who stop and talk and mostly younger women at that – they all visited social networks and looked out for their favourite retail brands.

So there’s no surprise that most of the answers were for brands for clothing, fashion and health & beauty products and retailers.

Watches and accessories brand Michael Kors was mentioned twice, also fashion retailers Asos, TopShop, Stussy, Hype and Abuze London, shoe retailers Steve Madden and Marc Jacobs, sports brand Nike and skin care brand Lush were mentioned.

Behavioural Insights

Most people we spoke to were interested in discounts, offers, and competitions. There was a sense that these should include a deadline, otherwise that negatively influenced the appeal for one shopper.

Shoppers like the glamour of images and scenarios represented by various brands, especially on Instagram, Michael Kors especially.

Facebook was hardly mentioned at all, and one shopper referred to Twitter hashtags enabling him to follow styles, products and ranges he was particularly interested in.

Finally, don’t forget that these shoppers followed lots of brands, but rarely visited the social network pages, instead finding brand posts in their feeds. This is the way they keep up with such a huge volume of content.

So, your social media strategy should include an effort to get into people’s social media feeds – photos are a really popular way to do that – and stay visible and memorable.

Links to Brands Mentioned in Today’s Street Survey