Street Survey 013: Returning goods bought online – what’s your experience?

By Summit | Friday 26th July 2013

Returning Goods Bought Online

When you return goods you bought online, how is the experience for you: positive or negative?

In this week’s Summit Street Survey we ask shoppers in the High Street about their experiences shopping online and returning goods.

Royal Mail Survey

A Royal Mail survey reveals 75% of online shoppers would be unlikely to use a retailer again if they had a difficult returns experience.

Customer Response

Generally, most of the stories were positive, though mostly not glowing. Without exception, everyone said the process could be made easier.

Shoppers want free returns, they want someone to collect or somewhere convenient to drop off, they want clear instructions, returns packaging enclosed and printed material ready to use.

Find out more in the Royal Mail’s report: ‘Delivery Matters – Understanding Home Shopping in 2013‘.

What has your experience been? Leave a comment.