Street Survey 012: Are you aware of retailer responsibility following Bangladeshi disaster?

By Summit | Friday 12th July 2013

Has the colossal death toll in the collapsed Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh, and the resulting news headlines, left a legacy of awareness in shoppers?

They remember the event and the shock over the disregard for health and safety by the owner, but it doesn’t appear to have left a significant lasting impact.

Most shoppers declined to give a comment, possibly because they feel admitting their shopping behaviour remains unchanged suggests they don’t care about the tragedy, or about the lives and working conditions of the people who make their clothing.

It doesn’t. It’s a natural human reaction to ‘move on’, especially if an impulse for change is so far removed from their everyday lives.

The retail industry is responding to the April 2013 Bangladeshi catastrophe by signing up to an agreement supporting overseas factory inspections.