Street Survey 011: Do you write online reviews

By Summit | Wednesday 3rd July 2013

Writing Online Reviews

Reviews of products and services have become a central part of most online shoppers’ experience, but how many shoppers leave reviews?

They’re a central part of the Amazon and Ebay service, for example, so somebody’s writing reviews of their purchases. Is it you?

Customer Feedback Research

According to US research published in the The Local Consumer Review (2012), 72% of shoppers trusted online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

That’s a significant number of people and it shows the extent to which people value a review (as long as they believe they can trust it).

Question: Have you Left an Online Review of a Product or Service?

So, have you ever left a review on a website? We discovered a lot of users have left reviews when we went to the High Street to ask.

We asked the High Street shopper about their experiences shopping online, leaving feedback, reviews and comments.

Most people said No, at first, then on reflection they realised they sometimes would leave star ratings, or thumbs up.

But when it comes to writing a review of a sentence or more that’s when experience starts to run dry. People who use Amazon and Ebay appear more likely to leave reviews because they realise how useful they are as sellers themselves.

So, how to get people to engage on a level that they are willing to give up their time and write a review? The one clear answer is not to expect people to do it!

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