Retail and the demands and expectations of the digital generation

By Summit | Thursday 27th June 2013

Retail can overcome the challenges posed by the digital generation if it follows some basic rules.

These rules, developed at the intersection of youth, culture and digital, include a focus on mobile, creative media, empowerment and emotion.

Some retail brands are already leading the way with approaches that tap into these factors.

Cultural strategist Snowy Hanbury describes this new landscape in this presentation entitled ‘Connecting the Touch Screen Generation’, and delivered as part of the 2013 eCommerce Futures Conference, held at the British Museum on 12th June.

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Presentation Highlights

00’00”: Introduction – youth culture
01’22”: Attitudes to technology
02’19”: Generation of doers and makers
03’20”: Outline of presentation
04’11”: Mobile is everything
08’30”: Makers – interpret world their way
12’43”: Empower young people’s creativity
15’35”: Advice seekers – tech as an emotional guide
16’21”: Movie – Converse case study
17’04”: It’s not information, it’s emotion
18’03”: Nostalgics
19’54”: Flashes – the moment is everything
21’21”: Endorsers – a little for free goes a long way
23’07”: Summary of conclusions
23’45”: Movie – creators project

eCommerce Futures Conference 2013