Online Shopping and the Search Engine Results Page

By Summit | Thursday 29th May 2014

Shopping & SERPs

The SERP, or search engine results page, is a battlefield for retailers trying to reach shoppers.

It’s the list of links the shopper gets when he or she makes a search for an item.

The aim of the retailer is to be the top of the list because they think shoppers just look at the first result and then click.

Actually, that’s not far from the truth, but how do shoppers interact with the SERP?

That’s the question in today’s Summit Street Survey. We began by asking which search engine they use (Google – always) and then did they go beyond Page 1 of the results page (rarely, if ever).

Watch the video and find out how shoppers use the search engine results page, then leave a comment if you do the same or something different.