Mobile and contactless payments video series

By Summit | Sunday 25th August 2013

Mobile and Contactless Banking

The way we make payments is changing and everyone in the chain, from the consumer to the payments processor, to the retailer, is feeling it.

For that reason, Summit is launching a series of videos about digital payments, featuring the big guys and the little guys at the forefront of this fast moving sector.

It’s a complex field and where the boundaries are drawn on what constitutes the various kinds of payment, mobile, contactless etc, depends on who you speak to.

So, we’ll be spreading our net far and wide across the payments sector to bring you information and insight to the future of this fascinating part of the retail journey.

Insight comes from Big Guys and the Little Guys, too

In this teaser film, entrepreneur Ross Bailey, CEO of pop-up shop start-up Appear Here, sets out the impact mobile payment technology has had on smaller businesses, including pop-up shops and short term retailers.

Mark Brant, General Manager, PayPal UK & Ireland Merchant Services, outlines the importance of reducing the friction in payments. He says it’s about ‘shortening the distance from want to get’.

It’s all about enabling connected devices to do more of the things we currently use cash and cards to do.

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