Magento ecommerce partners’ expectations for 2014

By Summit | Wednesday 18th December 2013

Magento Live: London 2013

The Magento Live events connect merchants, solution partners and community members together with Magento executives and industry leaders.

Inevitably, these partners have strong opinions on the direction of the platform, especially functionality and features and so we selected four to discuss their expectations for Magento in 2014.

The 2013 Magento Live event in London was held on Tuesday, 22nd October in the Etc Venues St Pauls.

Expectations for Magento in 2014

The issues raised include benchmarking software and hardware, enabling small and medium business to control everything from one back office, responsive design benefiting merchants and customers and all this leading to the upward trend of traffic and conversion rates.

The following partners feature in the video vox pop:

  1. Davide Angotta, Marketing Manager, Vivocha
  2. Chaz Felix, Co-founder and COO, Bronto
  3. Jose Santos, Director, Alliance and Partner Program, PEER 1 Hosting
  4. James Beard, Head of Sales and Business Development, Sage Pay

Magento Live: London 2013 Interviews

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