How to Boost Christmas Sales by Using Retail Delivery Dates

By Summit | Wednesday 27th August 2014

Xmas Delivery Dates

Retailers that understand their Christmas delivery deadlines can use that information to boost their sales across peak season.

This is all about spotting the links between these deadlines and shopper behaviour and then adjusting PPC spend and creative accordingly.

Summit specialists dug into client data for peak season 2013 and discovered that purchases of large items, like furniture, white goods and some large electricals, slowed after delivery deadlines expired.

This makes sense in hindsight, and also it turns out shoppers turn their attention to smaller gifts at the same time.

The opportunity for fine tuning your budget spend and creative messaging should be obvious right there.

Retail Peak 2014 Series

In the first of Summit’s Retail Peak videos, client manager Jon Patrick sets out advice to retailers and the actions they should take to take advantage of this information.

The four tips are as follows:

  • Identify ALL your final pre-Christmas delivery dates
  • Prepare your structure and messaging using these dates
  • Get campaign messaging ready for when order deadlines have passed
  • Use 2013 data & insight to guide on using budget more effectively

Watch the video aboveto get detailed actions on act on these tips.

The Retail Peak 2014 series of videos brings retailers invaluable advice and insight from Summit’s high profile client base.

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