How Argos smashed its online retail targets for 2012

By Ben Latham | Monday 24th June 2013

Discover how High Street retail giant Argos used data-driven insights to smash its sales and market objectives in this Q&A session with Digital Marketing Controller, Matt Roberts.

This interview, conducted by Summit’s Head of Digital Strategy, Ben Latham, is jammed full of insight into the way seasonality and the weather affects search and purchase behaviour, but also how Argos put that data to work for real results.

They worked with online retail marketing and ecommerce specialist Summit to put customer insight at the heart of their strategy development leading to an ambitious, multi-device online marketing strategy.

This Q&A session was delivered during the 2013 eCommerce Futures Conference, held on Wednesday 12th June at the British Museum.

We’ve broken down the video content by timings for your convenience. Click the Show More tab underneath the YouTube video player for the links to all these timings.

Presentation Highlights
00’53”: Introduction to Summit
02’05”: Introduction Argos
06’16”: Argos’ built-in competitive advantage
07’11”: Showcasing products
08’50”: From catalogue to digital
09’18”: Insight – differences between devices
11’22”: Mobile shopping instore
12’20”: No printed catalogues by 2018
13’46”: Website function and browsing
15’17”: Insights – buying cycles
16’28”: Insights – day of the week
17’56”: Insights – time of day
20’34”: Insights – category
21’25”: Christmas trading at Argos
25’07”: eCommerce sites at weekends
26’28”: Insights – search to purchase
29’13”: Benefiting from attribution
32’08”: Search to purchase strategies
35’01”: Weather and purchase behaviour
39’52”: Strategy – product to customer focus
42’05”: “The customer insight I’d like most”