Brand Quiz: Can You Name these Women’s Fashion Brands?

By Summit | Wednesday 7th May 2014

Brands: Women’s Fashion

This week’s Summit Brand Quiz is about women’s fashion brands.

The Brand Quiz format involves stopping shoppers on the High Street and asking them to describe what they think of when they see a brand name or logo.

The aim is to get more understanding of how the average person thinks of common High Street brands, and that will give retailers a fresh look at their and competitors’ brands.

This week it’s women’s fashion. There are so many names out there on the High Street and they’re all jostling for top spot in their own particular niche.

We show shoppers four brand names from similar sectors, but not necessarily from the same niche, and in that way it’s possible to compare how the consumer pigeonholes various brands.

So, watch the video and see how well you know the attitudes of the UK shopper, but be quick: each brand gets less than 15 seconds before the name is revealed!

Retailers, do you know how your customers think about your brand?