5 Mobile Shopper Behaviours Retailers Must Know About

By Summit | Thursday 15th May 2014

The Mobile Shopper

The mobile shopper is a very different animal from the traditional online shopper.

Most people who purchase online will do so on a laptop, tablet or desktop, but they’ll do that from the home or office.

But the truly mobile shopper is the person who uses their smartphone while they are out and about, traveling, in the street, on the way to work, at lunch and so on.

This very mobility gives rise to a range of behaviours that differ from home or office-based online shoppers, and it’s this difference in behaviours that is the subject of this week’s Retail Buzz video.


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The 5 Mobile Shopper Behaviours

In this week’s Retail Buzz video, Summit UX Executive Verity Clark sets out the five mobile shopper behaviours that retailers should tap into in order to reach out to this growing section of the consumer public.

Watch the video and Verity will give you the specific actions you’ll need to make the most of this insight.

  1. They shop at different times
  2. They prefer content and product research
  3. They do activities related to locations
  4. They have shorter attention spans
  5. They’re concerned about mobile security

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