Posted: Wednesday 3rd March 2021 in Summit.

We want to say a huge congratulations to our longstanding Summiteers, Gina Farrow and Elliot Needham, who have been included in the Hull & Humber Top 30 Under 30 this year!

In its 4th year, Hull & Humber Top 30 Under 30s was set up to highlight and recognise rising stars within businesses in the Humber. The scheme was designed to showcase the winners and their stories to raise ambition of the next generation. The winners show that there are career opportunities, and you can live, work and prosper in the Humber region.

In addition to the recognition, the winners each get enrolled onto the highly coveted LEAP Programme. This programme provides the winners with  a unique opportunity to further enhance their leadership skills. They are guided by industry experts in Leadership, Self-Development, and Communication to give the winners the awareness, confidence and skills to help progress their careers further, and into the regions next generation of business leaders.

Here are their Summit stories and why they’ve been recognised:

Gina Farrow – Lead Senior Client Manager

Since joining Summit, Gina, our Lead Senior Client Manager, has had an enormous impact on not just our clients but on everybody she works with. She has gone from delivering paid media on one of the biggest retailers in the UK, to now managing one of our largest clients and responsible for the development and growth of her team. Gina is a huge team player, extremely selfless, and does whatever is needed to support her team. She also has a natural gift for managing clients, develops close relationships with them which not only retains business, but grows the business. Gina is the person everyone wants on their team, or their project, because they know with Gina it’s going to be a success.

Elliot Needham – Product Owner

Since joining Summit in 2013, Elliot has grown in stature at Summit to emerge as one of our most trusted & valued leaders. He’s highly respected by his peers, by senior leaders and his direct reports. Elliot’s biggest achievement has been with our Comparison Shopping Services (CSS), which was launched in 2018 and quickly grew in revenue and is one of our most profitable products. Today, Summit’s CSS platform, Productcaster, is the no.1 provider in both the UK & France. Elliot was a key player in the team that quickly responded to this opportunity and setup a new part of business in months. Elliot has also responded to the challenges of the last year incredibly well, helping to implement new processes to improve Summits efficiencies. Elliot is one of Summit’s future leaders.

Congratulations again to our Summiteers!