Posted: Friday 17th August 2012 in Services.

This week, the UK’s fastest growing mobile network – Three –celebrated a winning milestone. Their successful online affiliate programme, designed, managed and powered by Summit technology, reached one million affiliate sales. The affiliate partner lucky enough to track the one-millionth sale, John Nicholaswon a cash prize of £500.

Three’s Affiliate Programme

Launched in 2007, the Three affiliate programme has allocated a total of £60 million in commissions across more than 3,000 affiliate partners – from cash-back and coupon savings sites to telecommunications companies. All receive commissions for the direct sales they generate.

According to John Hayes, Head of Online Development and Operations at Three: “We are able to offer competitive commissions because of the savings we make through our affiliate network. Summit’s affiliate platform, not only helped us to strengthen our affiliate partnerships, it reduced our marketing costs by more than 20 per cent.”

Tracking the one-millionth sale

The behind-the-site, bespoke affiliate technology, provided by Summit, is also important in being able to track referrals – including that all-important millionth sale. John says:

“The accuracy of our conversion tracking means the right partner is credited for the final sale, even if a customer has closed their browser and returned to the site up to 45 days later. We know the numbers are accurate – it’s robust tracking, even more so than our own internal tracking!”

“We have more clarity around reporting and sales status. A lot of other affiliate networks don’t report that – we do. And that is down to the unrivalled affiliate platform provided by Summit.”

Summit’s Affiliate Platform

The affiliate platform Summit built for Three is unique within the affiliate market. The platform provides retailers with;

  • a white label, in-house affiliate platform that integrates with existing back office systems to provide reports on conversion rates, visitor numbers and cost per acquisition
  • a full tracking solution, enabling cross-channel tracking and reporting
  • clear sales and financial reports, including a payment hub and de-duping simulations
  • accurate conversion rules so the right partner is rewarded
  • a self-billing system for automated commission payments
  • customisable product feeds, ensuring up-to-date coverage of the full product range
  • automated sale validations and purchase order tracking
  • integrated marketing collateral (email builder, dynamic content units), saving the cost of an agency to update content.

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