Summit sponsor the women’s England Lacrosse team

12 June 2023

Summit is proud to sponsor the women’s England Lacrosse team at the 2022 World Lacrosse Championship in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Currently ranked third in the world, the women’s England Lacrosse team are going for gold at the tournament this year, after receiving bronze medals at the tournament in 2017 and becoming European champions in 2019 and UK Home Nation Champions in 2022. 

When is the 2022 World Lacrosse Championships? 

The team head to the USA tomorrow to acclimatise and prepare for the event. The tournament starts on the 29th June with an evening match between Canada and the USA and England play their first match against Australia on the 30th June at 8pm (in the UK we are 5 hours in front!).  The group stages finish on 4th July, with quarter finals and semi-finals taking place on the 6th and 7th July respectively. After placement games on 8th July, the medal games will be played on the 9th July and hopefully we’ll be celebrating a success for England! 

Here are England’s group games: 

  • 30th June 8pm- Australia vs England 
  • 2nd July 5pm- Scotland vs England 
  • 3rd July 8pm- England vs Canada 
  • 4th July 5pm- England vs United States 

The tournament will be broadcast to over 50 countries, reaching more than 550 million homes and if you’d like to watch, the matches are on the Olympic Channel and ESPN. Read England Lacrosse’s post for the best way to watch on ESPN from the UK. We will also be updating our Summit LinkedIn with results and progress- so follow us and keep your eyes peeled. 

About the England Women’s Lacrosse Team 

As mentioned, the England Women’s Lacrosse Team are the current UK and European champions and they became world bronze medallists in 2017, beating Australia in double overtime. 

To be successful at the top level, players must be athletic, skilled and highly dedicated. All players in the 30-man training squad are amateurs, balancing the demands of playing for England with their day jobs or education – among them doctors, police officers and teachers. To participate in major tournaments and play regularly against top teams (which currently involves regular travel to countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan), the players must fund themselves. 

For this reason, we are happy to be supporting the women’s team by sponsoring their off-pitch kit for this tournament. 

“We are so proud to be supporting our Women’s’ National lacrosse team at the world championships this Summer. They are such an incredibly talented squad and all of us at Summit wish them the very best of luck.”

Summit’s Chairman, Ryan Thomas. 

About Lacrosse & the World Championships 

Lacrosse originated as a tribal game played by Native American communities. The modern game is now the fastest growing collegiate sport in the US over the past 15 years, and professional lacrosse in the US attracts viewers of up to 350,000 people, broadcast on major networks such as NBC. In England, over 200,000 people participate in the sport annually, and lacrosse continues to grow at both grass roots and university level. Lacrosse received formal recognition from the International Olympic Committee in 2018 and is on track to be an Olympic sport at Los Angeles 2028. 

The World Championships is currently the premier international competition for lacrosse, held every four years in varying locations. 68 countries from around the world compete to qualify, with 30 teams (each with 18 players) selected for the tournament. The event will be televised on the Olympic Channel and ESPN. 

If you want to know more about England Lacrosse or want to get involved, take a look at the England Lacrosse website. We will be sharing updates and results live from the USA so keep an eye on our social media channels to stay updated! 

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