Posted: Monday 29th March 2021 in Summit.

When sitting down to write this piece I had some pretty severe writers block – what could I possibly say that would do every woman who has come before me justice? What could I possibly say that would thank them enough for paving the way and changing the world in ways that have in one way or another, allowed me to be in the position I am today?

The truth is, I can’t put it into words.

Instead, I gathered a group of fantastic and fierce women within Summit, and we discussed some of our favourite women from history, our favourite female led marketing campaigns, and our hopes for the future.

We wanted to focus not only on our Summiteer’s own achievements, but also gain an insight into those women we look up to and admire. While we all have our own personal heroes, we certainly seem to admire some of the same women, and it is understandable why. These are women whose courage, power, and determination inspire us time and time again, and who have helped shape who we are today.

We also looked at some of the female focused marketing campaigns that have been run over the years, and the standout ones are really good. But the fact that half the women included in our video mention the same campaign shows just how far there is still to go.

Brands’ representations of women haven’t significantly improved – but people are getting better at calling out negative ones.

Mara Dettmann, strategist and editor at BBH London []

I am incredibly lucky to work in an environment, and for a company, that does not see my gender as a negative side effect to who I am and the skills I can offer. In fact, Summit celebrates me as a woman, along with everyone else who works here, and it’s a wonderful feeling.