Posted: Friday 5th January 2018 in Analytics and tracking, News, Retail Strategy, White Papers.

As specialists in retail, we believe in using data to drive decision making and performance for our clients.  Data insights and analytics are at the forefront of everything we do at Summit. You could say that it is part of our DNA.

Our specialist team of world class data scientists and statisticians analyse data, evaluate trends and indicate areas for improvement. They layer digital data sources to provide compelling answers to our client’s toughest questions.

From this analysis we have been able to develop an insights framework that utilises our clients data to improve their business performance. The good news is, shoppers are leaving behind more ‘digital fingerprints’ than ever before, and the data available to marketers, and our clients, is increasing rapidly each year.

Seasonal Planning Framework

We have developed a blueprint for success. Our seasonal planning framework is a roadmap for retailers to plan, optimise, execute and evaluate their marketing activity annually.

By developing a methodology and approach to answer seasonal planning questions that run throughout the year, we can predict when, and by how much sales will peak. As a result, our clients have accurate information on where to spend their marketing budget to generate the greatest profit.

We place the customer at the heart of our strategy, using data insights to improve the customer journey. We provide actionable advice, making it more likely that people buy from our clients than anyone else.

Download the Seasonal Planning Framework