Take full control of the way you publish and present your products online 

FeedManager is our proprietary technology platform that helps brands and agencies manage and present their product portfolio more efficiently. The feed management recommendations allow you to take control; supporting with which products to promote, when it is best to optimise them and across which channels, to guarantee you are always maximising ROI, revenue and profit margin.  

By using FeedManager, we empower your business to take greater control of the little things, ultimately increasing your product discovery at pace and scale. 

Not just an excellent platform 

You are in control of the way you publish and present your products online, including unlimited growth of your products, partners, and channels for absolutely no extra cost. We don’t limit your growth for our financial gain; we provide a transparent fixed fee model with infinite access, technical support, and our expert knowledge base. FeedManager provides a simple, cost-effective and performance driven way to manage your product feeds. 

The solution provided by FeedManager was a good match for our business due to the ability to scale our activity in a cost-efficient manner and provide a service that’s trusted by other leading retailers.

Jeff Mainwood, Head of Performance Marketing, Sigma Sports

What sets FeedManager apart 

  • Publish: Use real time product information (stock, availability, price) so that your marketing message reflects the latest, most up to date data across all partners 
  • Transform: Create rules to change and manipulate your product data across multiple partners within minutes 
  • Enrich:  Enhance the relevancy of your product data both automatically and manually, to maximise your visibility to your target customers aligned to best practices 
  • Exclude: Only focus on the products that drive the greatest return on investment and profit margin for your target KPIS 
  • Understand: Tap into a dedicated support team with years of experience across product feeds to drive the best performance 

FeedManager puts control back in the hand of the marketer meaning you don’t have to wait weeks for internal teams to make changes to how your products are optimised across your marketing channels. 


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