We pride ourselves on our fierce independence from all advertising platforms and this allows us to focus purely on maximising customer engagement and ROI for our retail partners. Over the last 20 years of delivering measurable value, we have encountered many challenges and have often solved these by developing our own proprietary, channel agnostic technology. Some of these are only used by our internal delivery teams, whilst others are available as standalone technology services to help you manage your performance marketing in-house. 

We make the complex simple and transparent. This means using technology that does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.



Improve your marketing performance

Forecaster is more than just a bid optimisation tool. Forecaster helps retailers identify where and when to spend their paid search budget to generate the greatest return on investment. Helping retailers predict, plan, optimise and learn, Forecaster understands where best to spend your budget and optimises the bids driving your activity.Forecast and optimise with confidence using our built-in seasonality, location, weather, promotion, stock, profit and audience buying triggers.

Forecaster is a fully transparent software as a service solution, supported by an experienced team of data scientists and digital marketing experts to help you maximise return on investment.

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Purchase Predictor

Identify your opportunity

Before delivering any campaign, we like a detailed plan that is grounded in customer insight. Developed with our retail partners’ needs in mind, our retail intelligence platform combines market demand and customer trends to help you identify the optimal time and place to run your campaigns and the audience to deliver it to.

Our unique “headroom” algorithm, developed by our in-house data scientists, will also identify exactly how many sales you’ve left on the table and help to maximise future opportunities.

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Take control of your product feeds

Developed to put control in the hands of the Marketing Team, FeedManager empowers retailers to take charge of their product data, allowing them to tailor the message of each product, category or brand to the relevant marketing partner. Whether that is changing existing content with our “Transformation” module, adding new data with our “Enrichment” files or removing products entirely from publishing with Exclusions”, FeedManager processes and optimises millions of products at the click of a button.

Offered as a software as a service solution, you will have full control in driving improved visibility and performance across your feed driven marketing activity.

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Productcaster CSS

Save up to 20% on your media spend

Productcaster is one of Europe’s largest and market-leading premium CSS partners. Designed for retailers and agencies who want to access the benefits of Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) without relinquishing control of their Google Ads or Merchant Centre accounts to a third-party provider.

Productcaster seamlessly helps brands reach millions of potential customers each day by saving up to 20% on Google Shopping media spend. Supported by a team of product specialists, our onboarding process is simple and transparent, allowing you to clearly measure and realise the benefits of CSS instantly, without the need to create and manage new activity.

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