Posted: Friday 5th October 2018 in Products.

Summit’s Google Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) solution, Productcaster, has been awarded the coveted Premium Partner status by the search giant. The news, announced on 29th August 2018, comes as Productcaster passed the 100-merchant mark across the Google Shopping platform.

Google Shopping is becoming a growing focus for retailers across Europe. In Q1 of 2018 alone, 82% of retail search ad spend was through Google Shopping. However, to be able to deploy Google Shopping ads, merchants and agencies must work with at least one CSS provider.

Since its launch in June 2018, Productcaster has started working with some of Europe’s leading brands. These have included catalogue retailer Argos, sexual health brand Durex, jewellery chain H.Samuel and mattress manufacturer Eve, with the latter becoming the service’s 100th client. Alongside these household names, more than 20 agencies across the continent are also using Productcaster for their clients.

Summit CEO, Hedley Aylott, was thrilled by the news of Premium Partner status, commenting: “Since our launch in June of this year, we’ve witnessed an incredible appetite from both agency clients and retailers for a CSS partner offering competitive fees and transparency… We’re delighted that Google has recognised us as a premium service by awarding us its coveted Premium Partner status, and we look forward to working closely with them in coming months.”

Merchants who choose to work with Productcaster will benefit from the CSS-provider’s in-depth and knowledgeable training, allowing them to achieve exceptional results from Google Shopping advertisements. They will also be able to access a range of exclusive credit incentives that are currently being offered by Google to only Premium Partners.

The Premium Partner status is only awarded to a very select group of CSS partners that are equipped with the expertise to support over 100 merchants on their platform. Productcaster allows retailers and agencies alike to connect with Shopping platforms through its CSS website or create white-label solutions tailored to their individual requirements in order to take advantage of lower CSS media rates.

If you are interested in learning more about Google Comparison Shopping and how you can benefit from cost-per-click (CPC) discounts on Google, get in touch with the Productcaster team.