Posted: Thursday 4th May 2023 in Summit.

If ever a comment summed up our values and commitment to our clients, it’s this one taken from our most recent NPS and customer satisfaction survey. 

“The Summit Team consistently go above and beyond and have become an extension of our internal teams.”  

At Summit, we pride ourselves on our strong client relationships. We work as an extension of their marketing teams, spending their budgets as if they were our own in order to drive profit and return on investment. Our mission is simple – we make it more likely that customers buy from our clients than anyone else.  

These are lofty goals, so how do we know we’re achieving them?  

In short, we ask our clients for feedback through our regular client satisfaction survey. Five questions designed to give us an insight into our processes from an external perspective, get notes on how to improve, and measure our progress over time. We also use it to understand our Net Promoter Score (NPS) – a standardised market research metric of customer loyalty and satisfaction.  

We’ve just finished analysing the latest client satisfaction survey and NPS results, and it’s good news all around! But before we share the scores, let’s understand a bit more about the NPS and why it’s an important measure.   

What is NPS?  

The Net Promotor Score measures customer loyalty and satisfaction. It is determined by asking customers one key question: 

“How likely are you to recommend this product or service to others?” 

The score is on a scale of 0 – 10 and companies across the world use the NPS to show their customer credentials. It may sound simple, but there is no better way to grow your business than enthusiastic, engaged customers who actively promote your business to others.  

Why is NPS important?  

We are a data-led business, so the NPS is a big tick in the box for being a simple way to compare and track our performance for our clients. However, it’s much more than a snapshot in time. It can also be used to predict business growth. Analysing the NPS helps you understand the health of your client relationships and whether you are likely to retain them. And, just as importantly, it gives you an insight into whether they are likely to act as brand ambassadors, supporting your future growth.  

What do the NPS scores mean?  

So, scores on the doors – what is a good NPS and what is a bad one? The NPS is worked out by categorising customers into three groups: promoters, detractors, and passives, based on how they answered the question. If you get 9s and 10s, these people are promoters. If clients give you 6-8, they are passive rather than passionate about you. And below 5, they are the detractors who can frighten away new business. All you do is add up your responses and subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.  

The NPS ranges from –100 to +100 range, therefore any score above 0 reads ‘good’ because you have more customers who are willing to promote you than bad mouth.  

How did we score?  

So, the all-important question, how did Summit score on NPS in our most recent survey? Drum roll please…  

Summit's NPS score of 64

We scored an amazing  64, an increase of 17 from last year. That means that we are at the top of the  Great category and nearly into Excellent range. We’re sitting alongside renowned brands such as Samsung, Netflix, and Sony, and above the benchmark for Digital Marketing Agencies.  

We are so proud of the feedback we received and of all our teams who work so hard for our clients. Alongside the NPS, our client survey asked for feedback on the teams and the overall client experience, and you can see below some of the great words we received:  

The Summit Team consistently go above and beyond and have become an extension of our internal teams. 

I am happy with the level of service and the people. I think it really shows how knowledgeable/ authoritative Summit is, when compared against other agencies in the same room. 

The more we do with Summit the more we find how helpful the layers of management are. They understand the bigger picture and are able to think holistically, which is something we have struggled with. 

The team are all great and I enjoy working with everybody at Summit. 

In addition, every single question in the client satisfaction survey returned a results of over 4.5/5, showing a year-on-year improvement against our last survey.  

So, what next?  

These results are amazing and we’re definitely celebrating the progress that we’ve made. But we haven’t lost sight of the bigger picture and the reason that we do what we do. We’ve gathered the feedback (and constructive critiques!) and have already started to implement changes to make the client experience even better and our customer relationships even stronger than before.  

We’re going to continue our drive to delight our clients and work with them to create amazing digital marketing campaigns that ensure that more people buy from them than anyone else.  

If you would like to know more about working with Summit, then please contact us at [email protected]