Our new starters – December 2022

12 June 2023

It’s been a busy few weeks at Summit – the retail peak of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, planning for 2023 and the January sales, and of course the introduction of 3 new starters to the Summit team. 

We’re delighted to have them onboard. So delighted that we decided to give them a mini-interrogation to see what makes them tick.  

New starter: Adam Preston (Head of SEO)  

Give us short intro  

I’m Adam, 34 years and the new Head of SEO at Summit. I have a lot of interests outside of work including sports, football, music and gaming, but currently have very little time to indulge in any of them due to a very young baby and a very needy dog. 

What’s your previous experience?  

I’ve worked in the digital marketing industry for 12 years, specialising in SEO for the majority of that. I first joined Summit 6 and a half years ago, but for the last 3 years, I was working as a freelance consultant, before joining Iff Digital to launch their SEO offering. 

What does your new role involve?   

As Head of SEO, supporting the SEO team and overseeing the strategy across all our SEO clients. 

Tell us a random fact about yourself 

I’ll give you two. I’m a twin (not identical). And I once starred as a main character in a short film.  


New starter: Becky Harding (Account Manager)

Image of Becky Harding, Account Manager at Summit, stood on Humber Street in Hull.

Give us short intro 

I am a video game enthusiast – my favourite game is probably Dragon Age. I’m on the way to setting up my own petting zoo with the number of pets I have – 1 guinea pig, 2 rabbits, 2 miniature hamsters, 2 bearded dragons, 1 dog (English Bull Terrier), 2 cockatiels, and 2 cats. And I would like to get a puppy next, the advantage of working hybrid in this role!  

What’s your previous experience?  

I’ve worked in marketing agencies for about 6 years, straight out of college/secondary as apprentice. Over this time, I’ve done Paid, Social, SEO… most areas of marketing really. But about 4/5 years ago I started to specialise in Paid Media. Interestingly, I was originally trained as an apprentice by someone from Summit, so it’s a nice full circle! 

What does your new role involve?  

I’m going to responsible for optimisation and maintenance of paid media accounts, as well as creation of new campaigns, working with clients to get approval.  

Tell us a random fact about yourself 

I am obsessed with murder mystery and true crime documentaries. My favourite podcast provider is Danielle Kirsty (The Criminal Make Up) – she manages to do flawless make up while explaining true crime cases! 


New starter: Ellie Clark (Senior Account Manager)

Give us a short intro  

I love to be outdoors and try to travel wherever possible to discover new walks or cultures. It helps that I have my beautiful little Cockapoo Ralph to travel with us.  

If I’m not away with Ralph and my fiancé I’ll either be stuck in a book or finding some way to try and be creative. At the moment I’m putting my creative skills into my wedding planning! 

What’s your previous experience?  

I did Marketing at University and since then have worked across quite a few different industries since. I went from in Grocery (cakes and desserts), into boilers and then landed in jewellery, where I’ve been working for almost 4 years. In my last role, I was looking after a small internal marketing team, building strategy, and overseeing the team and day-to-day activity. 

What does your new role involve?  

I’ll be taking care of the client, the strategy and the team to ensure that we are achieving client expectations and delivering above and beyond to maintain valuable relationships.  

Tell us a random fact about you 

I found the iconic BoilerMan mascot in a very dirty storage area, allowing him to make his rise to fame at West Brom. 



A massive welcome to all our new team members. If you’re looking for your next move in digital marketing, we’re recruiting! We’ve got amazing benefits, a great work culture, and a really interesting roster of clients. Want to know more? Check out our latest vacancies here.

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