Webinar: “Alexa, is Google Shopping still relevant?”

11th July at 2pm

What is the webinar about?


Since the launch of Product Listing Ads in 2012, retailers have benefited from incremental sales, with the channel overtaking traditional PPC in the number of sales generated. Is the importance of Google Shopping now under threat from the increasing advertising opportunities and traffic that Amazon as a media business now presents?

Hear from the specialists at Google and Productcaster/Summit on how important Google Shopping will be to your future growth plans in addition to actionable insights to enable retailers to improve their profit immediately.


What the webinar will cover?

  • The stats behind the Google Shopping growth story
    • Google has come along way since it first began offering customers a place to compare and search products online back in the early 00s. Join us as Google Specialist, Janani Karthikeyan, talks more about how the technology giant has evolved.
  • Best practice approach to managing your Google Shopping campaigns
    • Ever found yourself asking how you can get more out of your Google Shopping campaigns? You won’t be the only one. We delve into the industry’s best kept secrets and best practices businesses continue to miss out on.
  • How multi-channel retailers can help the physical store with local inventory ads
    • Although Google launched LIAs back in 2016, many retailers are still missing out on their potential by not prioritising them in their strategy. Brands should be acting fast to take advantage of the recent positive performances seen, and we’re here to tell you how.
  • The role of Google Shopping Actions as a marketplace
    • Google Shopping continues to evolve and with it, so should a retailer’s strategy. Listen in as we discuss with Google the future of Google Shopping and what it could mean for your business.
  • Case studies of how Summit’s technologies help maximise retailer’s performance
    • Discover how we’ve helped 100s of clients around the world take control and improve their performance immediately.

When is the webinar?

Date: Thursday 11th July 2019

Time: 2pm BST


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