Webinar Replay: Helping Retailers Maximise Sales with ‘Purchase Predictor’

2nd April 2019

Webinar Replay: Annual Planning Webinar: Helping Retailers Maximise Sales with ‘Purchase Predictor’

Answering your questions around Demand Planning and demonstrating how our platform helps you grow sales.

Purchase Predictor is a Retail Intelligence Platform which maximises your sales and transforms your decision making, through a deep understanding of customer purchase intent – when customers are most likely to buy the products that you sell.

The platform enables you to:

  • Review thousands of your products to identify the one that will grow your sales the most
  • Forecast the size of your customer events to allocate your budget for the greatest returns
  • Size your sales opportunities to pinpoint your revenue left on the table – your ‘sales headroom’

It’s for Commercial, Marketing and Category Managers, or anyone looking to drive retail growth!

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Isabel Harrison-Hall
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