Posted: Monday 3rd August 2015 in Summit.

Intern diary: Summit Life
Written by Lois Prest
Online Marketing Executive


The first week of my internship as an Online Marketing Executive at Summit has been such a great experience! I have settled in very quickly as everyone has been so helpful and friendly.

On my second day, I was set a PR task to schedule a calendar of car and toy events over the next six months in the US for one of Summit’s clients, Scalextric. Laura, my mentor, guided me with this task. She explained the importance of brand awareness and provided me with a template she had made previously to help me.

I also completed PPC and keyword training, where I learned about the different types of keyword matches and the variety of ads and ad extensions – knowledge that will be important as I continue with my degree and also in the future. 

Other tasks during the induction week included researching bloggers who could potentially review products from one of our clients, a male and female casual clothing brand and Habitat, a luxury home furniture shop. Both are SEO clients of Summit’s.  Through carrying out this activity I learned about the ‘domain authority’ of a webpage and the other factors that must be taken into consideration when going through the process of selecting bloggers to review products – such as the relevance and quality of the content and the consistency of their posts.

On Thursday we all enjoyed a staff lunch, which went down a treat and was another great way to get to know people. Over lunch the Wimbledon Swingball semi-finals resumed – they were called off due to bad weather on Wednesday. The following day, the tournament came to a close, as the champion was decided in a best of three! In true Wimbledon spirit, strawberries with cream and fruit punch were thoroughly enjoyed as the finalists battled it out.

As new starters, we were given the opportunity to stand up and introduce ourselves in the weekly company meeting and the team fired some fun questions at us, such as what is your favourite sandwich filling?, and what’s your favourite piece of stationery? (very important stuff)!

The decision everyone had been waiting for was made when we were each inducted into one of the three houses we would be joining for the Summit Olympic Games… Come on Lions!!

At the end of my first week, I had a catch-up with my line manager, Dave. We discussed my initial thoughts and talked about the progress I had made with my first research task. I was then given instructions on how to develop further in the forthcoming weeks. We also agreed to keep our communication consistent throughout my internship and meet weekly to review my work and ensure I continue to get the most from my experience at Summit.

I’ve enjoyed a great introduction to Summit life and gained an insight into the industry of online media and digital marketing.  I am looking forward to gaining experience at such an innovative company over the summer and I would certainly recommend Summit as an opportunity to meet lots of new people, gain an advantage over other candidates in the future or kick-start your career journey.

Stay tuned for my next instalment!


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