Posted: Wednesday 27th January 2021 in Services.

When it comes to creating a content campaign, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many, it may be the development of content that excites an audience, or for others it may be content that picks up traction through social sharing or simply keeps readers engaged. When it comes to campaign performance however, how Google measures your content to determine its purpose and value is just as important. 

Having recently taken up the exciting challenge of creating a dynamic and engaging campaign for our client, Ernest Jones, we couldn’t help but reflect on how the SEO landscape has changed over the years. Now more than ever, campaign work needs to provide the reader with insight they can’t get anywhere else. It needs to be user-friendly, but it also needs to be packed with enough unique data and information to prove to Google that the content is the best out there. 

When it came to developing a luxury watch campaign for Ernest Jones, brand tone of voice and quality of the content was of course at the forefront of our minds. Google wants editorial content to be built with an audience-first approach, so creating engaging content for our target audience was our number one job. Our other concern? Creating a campaign that ticks Google’s other boxes when it comes to value and longevity. 

What is authoritative content and why is it important? 

Not a question easily answered, authoritative content is often a subject we find ourselves discussing with our clients. Google may want your content to be relevant and useful to the intended audience but there is also a need to build content that boasts expertise, provides intrinsic value, and earns the right to rank well. 

Although not explicitly cited as a ranking factor, how we build expertise, authority, and trust, whether that be through campaign work or via general editorial content, is so important. When it comes to building a successful campaign, not only does our content need to be on-brand, but it also needs to scream and shout to Google at the top of its lungs: ‘I am an expert, I am the authority, you can trust me’.  

How this is achieved can be the tricky part; it’s also where the magic happens. In the case of our luxury watch campaign, this took the form of a data-led approach, including the cultivation of both rich quantitative information and unique qualitative insight. 

Building an authoritative campaign  

With so many facets to consider it’s easy to become overwhelmed at the ideation stage of campaign development; what should the cornerstone content be? How am I going to get people sharing the content? What does long term success look like?  

To make things more difficult within the content space, the metrics by which we measure the success of a campaign have changed significantly over the last few years – the days of relying on people sharing your content for free are far, far behind us. Sure, you need outreach to get your content in front of people, but short-term backlink generation in today’s climate is more and more becoming a pay-to-win model. 

Your job as a content marketer then? Make people share your content, give them no other option, have your content be the best, have it be the source of new information, have it be something your readers and potential sharers can’t get anywhere else. 

Let unique data lead the way 

When it came to building a luxury watch campaign for Ernest Jones, we knew we could get long-term SEO value out of any content we made (key term research and long-term growth of editorial content is our bread and butter). The challenge? Ensuring it demonstrated unique expertise around the subject matter to really maximise potential.  

As soon as we sat down during ideation it became clear that, in creating a campaign for Ernest Jones, there was huge potential to do just that. 

Ernest Jones is a major high-street brand, more than that, they provide a level of luxury many of their neighbours simply can’t match. Essentially, when it comes to the world of luxury watches on both the high street and in the e-commerce landscape, Ernest Jones is the authority. Our challenge therefore was to ensure our luxury watch campaign tapped into this. 

Google wants you to demonstrate your expertise; it’s up to you how you meet that requirement and fill that space.  

Campaign ideation bred discussion, and with some of our best SEO minds together in the same (virtual) room, its wasn’t long before we came up with the cornerstone content for the campaign – a regional watch trends infographic covering prestigious watch brands across the UK. 

Double down with qualitative insight 

We had it – lightning in a bottle – a stunningly designed infographic to convey unique data to watch fans the world over whilst also reaffirming to Google that, when it comes to the luxury watches and all things horological, Ernest Jones’ reputation as an authority is more than deserved. 

But why stop there? Here at Summit, we’re never ones to do things by half measures. Yes, we had great data-led content, but to give the infographic the best chance of working its magic, we decided to back it up with rich, informative editorial content. Our infographic demonstrated authority through unique data but, as with anything SEO-led, you need to be as thorough as possible. 

Using a combination of robustly researched watch brand facts and figures we added both qualitative expertise and built-in shareability to the mix via an influencer led content series. Namely, four detailed articles around esteemed brands TAG HeuerOMEGABreitling, and Bremont

The result 

In conjunction with Ernest Jones, we were able to create a stunning campaign that perfectly fits the brand’s aesthetic as well as the tone of voice. Not only does it speak to customers as well as competitors – whilst having built-in sharing potential via some of the biggest watch influencers in the world – it also allowed us to further demonstrate to Google what we and they already knew; Ernest Jones are the experts when it comes to luxury watches. 

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