Posted: Monday 2nd November 2020 in Changemakers.

Starting a new job can be daunting and strange at the best of times, yet with Covid-19 thrown in the mix this made for a very memorable experience in starting my new role at Summit.  It was just over 6 weeks ago when I joined as a Client Executive, which has been a really exciting journey so far, and I wanted to share it with you below.

My first week started with me meeting all of my co-workers and team virtually over video calls.

Getting acquainted with your team via video call is definitely very different to connecting with them in person! However, I found that it was really nice to meet everyone from the comfort of their own homes, and it definitely created a much more relaxed and informal feel when getting to know co-workers. A particular highlight of meeting people virtually meant I got the added bonus of meeting people’s pets as well which I loved!

On top of the informal chats with co-workers, I also got to enjoy video calls with various teams within Summit to understand the different dimensions of the business. This was super interesting, and definitely something that helped me get to grips with the company structure and overall business goals quicker.

Looking back at my first week, everyone that I met was really friendly and welcoming, regardless of their role or seniority. I remember thinking how great and unique the Summit culture felt, which immediately put my initial nerves at ease, and I ended my first week with a real ‘buzz’ for my future at Summit.

The next couple of weeks consisted of lots of learning, question asking and getting used to the client accounts, but I quickly got to grips with things thanks to my team and the buddy system which has been created for new starters. Being able to have a ‘buddy’ to direct all of your questions to was really helpful and helped me to pick up things quickly. On top of this, as the Covid-19 restrictions lifted slightly, I was then able to meet lots of co-workers in person at the office, which has really helped the Summit ‘culture’ to come to life even more for me.  

As I’ve settled into my role more in recent weeks, I’ve been given some really exciting projects and presentations to work on for the client. For example, as we approach ‘peak’ and Black Friday, it’s been great to have been asked to prepare certain documents and proposals which we will use as part of our peak strategy. Being given responsibility like this really makes you feel valued and trusted, which has been a recurring theme I’ve felt during my time here at Summit. 

In addition, I’ve also been given the task of being a ‘buddy’ to a new starter (Megan). It felt really nice to be asked, given I had only joined Summit recently. I think this shows how much Summit encourage the culture of trust, and I hope I can show Megan the friendliness and helpfulness that was shown to me when I first started.

Overall, I can say that the past 6 weeks have been amazing, from the friendly company culture right through to the exciting projects and tasks I’ve been given, I definitely feel very proud to be called a ‘Summiteer’ and I’m looking forward to whatever challenges come next!