Posted: Monday 22nd February 2021 in Services.

When talking to people I work with they often say that I am such a positive and happy person, always laughing on the phone talking to clients or affiliate partners, no matter how stressful my day is. The main reason for this is because I love my job and the role I play at Summit, leading the affiliate marketing team and building these partnerships. 

I have been working within the affiliate marketing world now for almost 10 years and I still enjoy it every single day, so I wanted to share with you a few reasons why I love affiliate marketing. 

1. The people you get to work with 

Affiliate marketing consists of advertising our client’s products or services through third party affiliate and/or partner sites. This means I get to work with hundreds of different people throughout my working week. Plus, I get to work with some amazing affiliate networks that provide insights and advice should I need it. And that support isn’t just one way. Our relationship has also helped the affiliates grow too and it has been great to see some of them become major players in the world of marketing. It definitely doesn’t feel like work as I’ve made some great friends along the way. 

Whether it is an affiliate day for a particular client, securing coverage over the phone or chatting via email and video, my days are never the same and the fun I have talking to people makes my job exciting and deeply fulfilling.   

2. You only pay when the job is done 

Affiliate marketing is well known for its use of the CPA model, which means most of the costs are only paid by the client on the confirmation of a sale taking place. So there is no paying for clicks that will get you no sales, you just pay an affiliate when the job is done.  

Forecasting budgets and more importantly getting sign off is easier too as the clients know that standard costs for commissions are a low-risk investment.  I only wish the same could be said with paid placements within the marketing channel (a topic for another time 😊). 

3. We can always find the best options to showcase your brand   

The affiliate channel has so much to offer as there are so many options. You can focus on different target audiences, whether you’re looking to target students or bargain hunters. And depending on your client, your audience, your product and more, there are different sites you can use to showcase your deals, such as major cashback and voucher code sites that always have amazing deals or perhaps sites that have specific product focuses. When a client comes to me and asks how we can showcase their products or services for a specific campaign, it is always a pleasure to know I have an extensive variety of affiliates to choose from. 

4. The fun part. Negotiating. 

This part I love. An affiliate or partner’s rate card price for tenancy opportunities on their site or social platforms are not set in stone (they will tell you this themselves!). However, getting a discount can be tricky if your client does not make them loads of money each month. 

I have clients that make millions and other that do not, but I always find the conversation of reducing the costs on paid placements fun. When being entrusted with the client’s budgets, I enjoy being able to save them money and get the placements they want too.  

Some people find it hard to negotiate with the affiliates, but remember this… the affiliates are making money too and want your client to do well in the process. Repeat business is key for them.  

You always have the options too such as CPA increases or decreases. There are a few levers within the affiliate marketing channel, and these levers can have a powerful impact on performance.  

5. The satisfaction when we see our impact on performance  

Finally, the last thing on my list. Whether it’s every week, every month, every client QBR or yearly review, reporting on the affiliate channel alongside the other marketing channels for our client is always satisfying.  

The channel has a significant impact and we typically see the affiliates generate at least 10% of the overall online revenue and in some cases a lot more. Not only that, but even with network and management costs factored in the ROI numbers are also a great thing to feedback to the client.  

Throughout the years I have been working on the channel it still helps our clients grow and brings in new and existing customers from the affiliate’s extensive customer sources.   

So, there you have it, the 5 main reasons I love the affiliate channel and I hope everyone out there that works with the marketing channel has the same experience as myself. It is one of the oldest marketing channels out there and it might not be the most innovative or sophisticated, but it does exactly what I want; delivers amazing results and I have fun doing it. Win Win.  

If you would like to know more about affiliate marketing or want to tell us why you love the channel, get in touch and share your thoughts at [email protected] today!